These accommodations are characterized by fostering a collaborative regime in which heterogeneous groups share spaces of work, study and leisure in a built and managed equipment.

EMVISIONA, in accordance with the approved in the Executive Committee held on September 17, 2019, offered the accommodations to the following groups with special needs:

The demand for them was uneven, especially highlighting the collective of people belonging to the research, educational or sports community and those of children under 35 and over 55 years of age.

That is why, existing 10 accommodations available, Emavisian publishes this new call with the places currently available, for these two groups.

However, completed the list of admitted from a quota and staying deserted accommodation, they will go to the next quota.

Since the accommodations have a single room, family units or coexistence that access them may not be higher than two (2) members, avoiding this way, reaching what some studies know as a semi-critical overcrowding, That is, more than two people per room.

At these prices, the amount of € 50 / month should be added by the daily review cleaning of the accommodations, according to the agreement grouped in force.

The set of accommodation has high features of equipment and comfort in a safe, pleasant and accessible surroundings. Rue32 has in its surroundings of public stations of bicycles (Sevici), Municipal Library, water park, urban bus stops, commuter train station, palace of exhibitions and congresses, international airport and all kinds of shops.

All accommodations are equipped with a dining room, kitchen and their own bathroom, with a number of common spaces where they are located different services such as barbecue area, laundry, study room, multipurpose room, private parking, etc.

EMVISESA is implementing a series of improvements in Rue32, among which stand out the installation of a domotic service in the building, which will include the modification of access locks to the accommodation and remote control of supply consumption.

To prove these minimum income, photocopy should be provided from the last six payroll, an updated force and work-life work contract or, where appropriate, certificate of payment of a pension, which guarantee that the amounts that will be allocated to the payment of The income does not exceed 30% of the revenues of the family unit or coexistence.

Own workers must provide the last two quarters of VAT and IRPF and updated work life.

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