Personal sales Because of the feature of inseparability, personal sales have a basic function in promotional programs for most services. To make a transaction, face-to-face contact between the buyer and the seller is required. That is why it is important that a service employee is trained in relationships with the client, as well as that it can generate a quality service. Mainly non-profit organizations frequently employ personal sales when requesting donations. The collector of funds (sellers) are responsible for addressing the large potential donors. Many non-profit organizations are valid from sales personnel to access their customers. For example, all branches of the militia are valid from recruiters. Throughout centuries, religious missionaries recruited their new members by personal contact. Universities send admissions, students and alumni officials to talk with high school students, their parents and their counselors. These representatives may not be called sellers, but that is exactly what they are. Or no account, all employees of a service provider who have contact with a client are, in fact, part of the sales force of the organization. Marketing Service

In addition to the regular sales force, the contact personnel with the client could cover airline counter employees, receptionists of law firms, parcel delivery personnel, banking cashies, ticket harvesting of admission and the accommodations in baseball stadiums or in theaters. The term meeting service is used to describe the interaction of a client with any service employee, or with any tangible element, such as the physical environment of a service (bank, theater, medical office). A large part of the evaluation of an organization and its service by a client is based on service meetings. Result of this is that the administration must prepare your physical environment and contact personnel. The focus of this preparation often receives the name of internal marketing, to highlight the idea that a service organization should see its employees as clients who sell them contact jobs with the client. When an organization adopts this perspective, it will make a great job of selection of people adequate for those positions, will enable them and will make these jobs interesting and satisfactory.

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