It is expected that in 2011 China exceeds Japan and becomes the second largest market for the sale of automobiles, only after the United States. Thus, it is not surprising that Cadillac wants to change as fast as possible the practice of exporting new cars to China, to assembling them in Chinese facilities.66 1. What differences faces Cadillac when marketing its vehicle mark in other countries compared with those of your domestic market? 2. How much brand value does Cadillac have in Europe? In China? In Japan? 3. Will the design and quality of Cadillac automobiles be more important in external markets, or in the United States?

Terms and key concepts Brand (272) Brand name (272) Brand symbol (272) Registered trademark (272) Production brands (272) Intermediary brands (272) Product falsification (277) Family brand handling (282 ) Multiple brand strategy (282) Management brand set (283)

Brand value (283) Granting of registered trademark license (285) Packaging (286) Family packaging (287) Multiple packaging (287) Label (289) Brand label (289) Descriptive label (289) Grade label (289)

Nutrition labeling (290) Product Design (290) Universal Design (291) Design C2C (291) Product Color (292) Product Quality (293) Total Quality Management (TQM) (293) ISO 9000 (294)

Questions and Problems 1. Evaluate each of the brand names of Table 10.1 in relation to the characteristics of a good brand, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of each name. 2. Do the following e-commerce brands have the features of a good brand? a) Fogdog Sports (Sports Goods) b) (Employee Search and Employee Recruitment) c) Peapod, Webvan and (which are or were grocery stores and deliveries) d) Hotbot (engine of Search for the web) E) (free stock exchange and financial information quotes) 3. Identify a mark on the verge of becoming a generic name. a) Why should a company protect the identity apart from your brand? b) What course of action should a company be undertaken to do that? 4. In which of the following cases, the company should make use of its name as part of the product’s brand name? a) A manufacturer of underwear for men that introduces the market underwear for lady. b) A manufacturer of hair care products that adds a line of portable hair dryers.

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